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There is virtually no limit to the types of items you can use in your next promotional program!

A World of Premium Options

When it comes to promotions and premiums, you don’t have to settle for ‘boring’ and ‘typical’. There is a world of options out there – you are limited only by your imagination! GNBI offers a wide variety of products and can source whatever item you are interested in. We can provide common premiums like hats, mugs, and pens, and unique products like games, stationery, photo frames, sports equipment, and more. From useful items like tool sets and flashlights, to decorative objects and jewelry, we will find a cost-effective solution for your next promotional program.

The items listed below are just a sampling of what GNBI offers. We can source all kinds of custom promotional items, so please Request A Proposal for any type of product not listed below.


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